“Gaming the System” Day 3 – Results

Just to recap, Vyper-SEO™ seeks to automate the process of harvesting traffic from other busy sites through the use of sophisticated programming technqiues such as but not limited to just a bit of programming time.  The ultimate goal of Vyper-SEO™ is to manipulate Google to increase the popularity of certain websites for the purpose of performing Search Engine Optimization for selected websites.

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Python-based API for the Python Package Index

PYPI API Features: (See the Demo)

  • List All Packages.
  • Edit properties for a Package.

Python interface – allows Python programmers to access their PYPI Packages programmatically using Python.

PYPI API Benfits:

  • Automatically update your PYPI Package Properties when committing code through SVN.
  • Access your PYPI Packages via Django.

The Vyper Logix Corp PYPI API is built into the Vyper Logix Library.

Check back here for a Live Demo. In the meantime, Get Registered. Only Registered Members of this site get to play with the DEMO.

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