Vyper-CMS(tm) Development Continues…

My development efforts are proceeding.

I should have an initial version online shortly.

The key feature is ease of use – just a few mouse clicks to get a new site online.

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Vyper-CMS to come online shortly…

Vyper-CMS to come online shortly…

Vyper Logix Corp Enhances Data Center with Ubuntu 9.04

Serving content from a big Ubuntu 9.04 Server featuring 4 GB RAM and 2 TB disk.

Vyper-CMS™ will be coming online soon accepting user registrations for FREE websites built using Vyper-Django™ with eCommerce Support for those who want to build their own StoreFronts accepting payments using PayPal.

Vyper-CMS™ represents a place for people to post their Blogs as much as a place for people to build their Online StoreFronts and all at no cost to them with unlimited resources at the tips of their fingers.

You can read more about Vyper-CMS™ here.

You can see Vyper-CMS™ in action here.

There are 2 more Ubuntu 9.04 Servers each with 4 GB RAM waiting in the wings along with a bigger Intel i7 powered Ubuntu 9.04 server with 12 GB RAM to be put online once we fill-up our other smaller servers.

Linux is a pretty powerful OS and Ubuntu 9.04 is right up there with the best of what Linux has to offer.  Ease of use.  Ease of deployment.  Numerous packages one can begin to use rather quickly with minimal effort and no cost.

Did you know, off-the-shelf computers are just cheaper than Enterprise Level Servers but they work just as well ?!?

Give me $1000 and I can give you a powerful Intel i7 920 over-clocked to 3.6 Ghz packed to the gills with 12 GB RAM and 2 TB disk with Ubuntu 9.04 installed.  Any way you slice it this computer runs Linux pretty darned fast…

Compare this with your typical Dell PowerEdge R200 with 8 GB RAM and a Quad Core Intel® Xeon® X3370, 3.00GHz, 2x6M (closest to the power of an i7 920) for a cost of $3000.

I don’t know about you but when it is my money and I could buy 3x the compute power I tend to want to buy more compute power for the same money rather than wasting money on an over-priced Dell 2U rack-mount server.

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