Django through the Firewall

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away… Yeah you probably heard that one before too…  Still developing a Django App behind a Firewall that has to interact with Amazon RDS and Amazon Elasticache might encounter a problem or two unless you read this post.

See also: SSH Tunnel Magic

The Problem

Developing behind a Firewall.

Cannot reach services like mailgun which can be used to send emails.

The Solution

Make Django Server communicate through a Proxy that happens to be attached to a Putty SSH Tunnel.

See also: PySocks

Adjust your Django App Startup as follows:

3-1-2013 1-58-45 PM

Your actual mileage may vary… some assembly required…  Obviously I tend to make modifications where few dare to tread but then I also get the results I want.

The Test

Ran the Django App and clicked the link to send an email via mailgun and bingo !!!  It Worked !!!




Kudos for Mailgun !!!

I was able to give Mailgun a try recently and all I can say is Kudos !!!

Finally someone who has made Email Servers easy to deal with !!!

I will go so far as to say, Mailgun has made dealing with Email easier than Google !!!

But then we have to remember that Google does not offer the same level of service as Mailgun.

I was able to get setup with Mailgun in 1-2 hours with very nice integration with Rackspace Cloud DNS.

I was previously using ZoneEdit for my DNS needs in this regard however I think it’s time to go with Rackspace.

Rackspace Cloud Site Faster than Godaddy Site !!!!!

Rackspace Cloud Site Faster than Godaddy Site !!!!! 

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