Why can human knowledge not be quantified ? And why do some people feel the need to try… ?!?

How much experience do you have using blah… ?!?

My response to this kind of query is generally… “A lot”… however saying you have a lot of experience does not seem to satisfy the questions for those who just have to think there is a way to quantify knowledge or experience.

The closest you will ever get to being able to measure human knowledge is…

You can measure how close to your own understanding someone else might be until… they end-up having more than you and then your ability to measure falls apart.

You can make people play guessing games to see if they know some things you think you know but again, the moment the person you want to measure has more than the one doing the measuring the process fails to please.

You cannot measure human intuition…

The ability to reach outside the box cannot be measured.

The ability to do more with one’s mind than has been done in the past cannot be measured.

I have interviewed with some hiring managers who said up-front they did not want anyone who had any kind of intuition…

I have to wonder about anyone who claims to be agains the use of human intuition just because… well my pets won’t be intuitive but they are animals… humans should use intuition because they can… simple as that.

Get over it gang, human knowledge cannot be measured any more than human experience can be measured.

Anyway, I prefer to take myself out of the equation when trying to determine what level of experience someone might have, were I the one faced with trying to staff some kind of software project.

It’s just too easy to become so self-deluded to feel as-though everyone sees it the way I do so as to render oneself so incredibly silly-stupid as to make the process of trying to make the determination useless.

If we all just focus on what the technologies we work with can do and then figure out what these technologies should do and then work on how to make these technologies do what they were not designed to do we might all learn enough to be useful.

Far too many people like to focus only on what the docs say these technologies can do and nothing more.

Python tuples are immutable

Yeah, until you learn how to change the contents of a tuple and then you figure-out there almost no such thing in Python as an immutable Constant other than the mere conceptualization of what immutable might mean so long as you really didn’t want something that is actually immutable and really unchangeable – but again, I might think my windows on the front of my home are immutable so long as nobody ever figure-out how to pick up a rock… in real terms I just cannot be that stupid as to really think, for any period of time, that my windows at home are any more immutable than Python tuples – cuz they are NOT.  Windows can be broken and Python tuples can be modified… rocks and lists were all made to resolve these issues.  On the other hand, I also don’t let just everyone know where I live either… and I don’t leave any loose rocks laying around my front yard.  Immutable is not always immutable… and constants are not always all that constant – at least where Python is concerned.

Sorry Google but when you want to talk to me abut Python you might give some thought to just how many hours I have spent using Python to solve real problems… and “yes” I too read where tuples are immutable but… that’s all the farther that one goes because I happen to know there’s almost no such thing in Python as a Constant where Constant really means “…it can’t be changed…” and by “…can’t be changed…” I mean “…it really cannot be changed…” and by this I mean “…it really cannot be changed because the freaking runtime keeps it from being changed…”.  Talk to me about immutable in Python when there is really no way to make Python change the value of the thing you wish me to think is “immutable”.  Darn, then you learn anyone can code a Python extension that gets a pointer to that pesky immutable variable with the evil intent to make a change without the consent of the Python runtime.  Oops !!!   Hey, maybe I just know Python better than you thought… OR… I am able to see how to get things done when everyone else says it ain’t possible.  Either way, I want to do it more when Google tells me I should not… maybe this has something to do with how one ends-up rebelling against one’s parents… or maybe Google simply wants to take control over how we use Python… either way… whenever I am told it’s not possible I tend to look for ways to make it possible – doing this helps me learn and learning is good.  LOL


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