Man in the middle DNS hacks !!!

Proxies are really very cool.  They can appear to be any kind of server, even a DNS.

Consider this…

Let’s say a hacker wanted to modify a foreign domain without touching that domain… Set up a DNS proxy, siphon records from a root server but modify certain records to redirect traffic to a server that spoofs the original using a slick proxy hack.

Now some, but not all users will hit the spoofed site all the while thinking they are hitting the real site.

Would this work ?  Only time will tell…  You gotta love TCP/IP.  LOL

The only questions left to answer revolve around the nexus of, “taking action to harden your sites versus being in denial as to the efficacy of a soft hack…”.

Vyper-CMS™ gets automatic DNS Support !

Vyper-CMS™ gets automatic DNS Support !

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