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You can find my Resume here using the link to the left along with some useful hints as to how you can convert it for use with your favorite version of Microsoft Word.

See also this for work samples in addition to this site and this site in addition to this.

Now I am a FaceBook expert !   Why ?   Because the very next release of this project will provide the means for everybody who wants to publish a FaceBook App do so !  It’s called integration with FaceBook !  Google it !

Take a close look at this site and notice the manner in which it loads JS and CSS – in parallel, no less, so that JS/CSS and other assets load largely in parallel.  I optimized this site and shaved another 50% off the load times using techniques that are very easy to implement.
I have attached two sets of analysis (below)  for this site to show you the waterfall graphs for the BEFORE and AFTER shots to show you there is no performance penalty when loading even large JS files like jQuery.  Also notice that JS and CSS files are both loading in parallel – typically a browser will only load a CSS and JS at the same time only when both are being loaded back to back otherwise browsers will load JS and CSS files serially (one after another) however doing this can cause a performance hit especially when a fair number of JS/CSS files are being loaded during page start-up and rendering.
Also notice all the JS and CSS files are minified to the extent possible – this also reduces the loading times.
Also notice this site loads when hit from Android (webkit) browsers the same as desktop browsers.  I will of course add some code to provide a slick mobile experience for the rest of the mobile devices out there that are not using webkit browsers.
And… Flash support is appropriately handled when there is no Flash player or when the browser says it can handle Flash when it cannot handle Flash player 10.0 or later.
The really cool thing is you cannot even tell where Ruby on Rails is being used by this site because the Ruby code is running partially in the Google App Engine as jRuby and a Linux box running Ubuntu 10.04 however it all appears to be a single cohesive site with no burps or creases.
Needless to say I enjoy my work as can be seen from the fun I had whipping up all this code.
I especially had fun working on this however I must admit I did get a bit carried away with recoding the original Ruby on Rails code in a bunch of languages, just for kicks.  Notice the Rails code does not even use a Model in the classical sense – I just could not justify persisting a few bytes of data in a database so I fakes the Model and Ruby on Rails could care less…  Just too much fun !

You can read about my adventures with Lua by reading:

Adventures with Lua 5.1 and Xavante 2.0 in Ubuntu 10.04

You can see my work online in the Agile Developer’s Blog (30+ articles written largely about Python and the Agile Development Method).  You can see the Open Source LAMP Projects I have coded (23 projects and counting, I have many more projects (several million lines of Python code) in my code library).  You can see the 122,000+ lines of Python code that forms the foundation of all my Python Projects – this is all bug-free code combined with an additional 300,000+ lines of Python code for various projects as outlined and detailed below in my Resume.

Recently I was asked to code the Mars Rover Technical Challenge which I coded in Ruby on Rails 2.3.8JavaScript/jQueryPHP 5.3.2AS3 (ActionScript 3), Lua 5.1.4C#, VB.Net, Perl 5.10.1 and also Python and Stackless Python during the Memorial Day Weekend 2010.   The ability to code in one language, any language, automatically opens the door to coding in pretty much any other language, at-least when I am doing the coding.  As you may notice there are complete Unit Tests for this little project in most of the languages.  The Ruby on Rails 2.3.8 and PHP 5.3.2 both have an integrated JavaScript/jQuery version embedded so you can see the server-bound code running side-by-side with the client-bound code all on the same web page.

You can also see my work online at in the Global Navigation (Menu) found at the top of the site when not logged-in as a Customer; it was my hard work that made this Flex component come to life in a timely manner, I was the one who engineered the JSON compression for this project and I crafted the Admin Tool that allows the JSON Data Model to be built using a highly visual and interactively attractive manner.

You can get linked-in with me at Profile of Ray C Horn where I have more than 427+ connections with more than 10.9+ million people in my growing professional network.

I have also contributed to the success of this product, www.GetZephyr.Com as I personally coded a large chunk of that product that formed the foundation that allowed them to get funding back in 2007 when that company consisted of 3 people and myself.  I laid the ground-work for this company and their initial product.

I have created and contributed content for VyperLogix.Com that allows this site to work for mobile and non-mobile browsers including Android browsers that cannot run Flash as of Android 2.1 but can run Flash Lite (circa. 06-01-2010).  This site is a prime example of what I can do as a front-end software engineer who also has intimate knowledge of how back-end systems should work.  This site is powered by the Google App Engine running a combination of Python 2.5/Django 1.1 as well as Ruby/jRuby and Java.  This site also connects to a back-end LAMP Server running Ubuntu Linux 10.04 and MySQL 5.1 powered by a non-traditional low-memory high-capacity Web Server known as Cherokee (far more efficient than Apache) running Python 1.1.1 via FastCGI.  The front-end site serves Flash content via jQuery using Google inspired techniques for the delivery of JavaScript and CSS that allows this site to serve JS and CSS files in parallel for maximum performance.

I have created a nifty SalesForce trick that allows any set of seemingly unrelated Objects custom or otherwise become Reportable as if those objects were built-in SalesForce Objects.

I created a slick method for compressing JSON data to achieve 33% compression of the raw JSON and when combined with other techniques can achieve as much as 85%-95% compression.  Compressed JSON that maintains the readability of the code that consumes such data is where this compression method really shines.  Sure you can compress JSON simply by using a web server that uses gzip however at the time this JSON Compression Method was designed the folks at Verizon Wireless were not then using gzip for their Content Delivery Network that was then powered by Akamai so it was a bit of a big deal that I was able to compress JSON data by 33% otherwise why bother.

As you can see by carefully reading my Resume…

I can easily switch from computer language to computer language, as demonstrated above by coding Ruby on Rails 2.3.8JavaScript/jQueryPHP 5.3.2AS3(ActionScript 3), Lua 5.1.4C# and also Python and Stackless Python during the same short weekend, with greater ease than others I have worked with during my career since most developers stick to one single language or one single paradigm such as front-end or back-end.

I can work on the whole problem from conception to architecture to design to implementation and testing and on to deployment without breaking a sweat or breaking my stride.

I know how to build, deploy and optimize servers from start to finish regardless of the OS being used.  I am equally at home with Windows, Linux, Android or Chrome as well as Unix and Solaris – it’s all the same to me.

I know what team-work is all about because I support and have supported every single team I have ever been a member of.  I am the guy who has an answers when nobody else does and the guy who is not afraid to roll-up his sleeves when it is time to get the work done no matter how much work there is to do and no matter how simple or complex the problem may be.

I have more than 5+ years of Flex experience and more than 10+ year of Flash experience and this more than anything else allows me to do the level of work required my Verizon Wireless in addition to allowing me to do the work published at which, if you take the time to look, you will see the site banner for shows a Flash Builder 4 SWF that was built using Flash CS5 and Photoshop and Flex 4 and it shows 3 distinct layers all being played on the same stage showing a Photoshop image on top of a Flash animation on top of a Flex 4 animation with one more rather slick detail that inhibits the right click menu that normally appears for all SWF’s however you cannot see the right click menu for my SWF and you cannot see any of the SWFs being loaded by my SWF and this makes my work more secure than others.

Also I have been coding Flash games for almost 10 years (see also: VyperLogix.Com for my game samples, online).

As you can see from my Resume, the way it was written, the technology mix I have used and can use; I have a unique understanding of everything from concept to completion, from front-end to back-end, from mobile devices to gaming consoles. If it executes code I can produce content for it.  Any OS, any language, anytime, any task, any project.  If I can conceptualize, it I can code it.  If I can talk about it, I can conceptualize it.  I have proven this time and time again and will continue doing so and could do so for your organization – all you have to do is ask…

Also, I also know how to integrate Flash content into SalesForce.Com.  You can see this online sample here (, running in my own SalesForce Development Org where I have integrated Flash content into SalesForce using VisualForce and the Apex API.  In fact, I have integrated a site into a VisualForce page that uses Flash.  It would not be at-all difficult to integrate a Flash into a VisualForce page that knows how to access the data from the SalesForce Org it was deployed into.

Additionally, as proof that I know what I am doing I offer the following live work samples:

  • The Agile Developer’s Blog <– demonstrates I know what Agile Development is all about in the form of words I have written that talk about the Agile process and how to get the most from it, from my own unique perspective.
  • Vyper Logix Corp site <– this site has a lot of my content up and running for all to see.  Everything you see at that site was produced by me as an individual contributor including but not limited to the fact that this site is completely mobile-friendly which means it works when viewed from an Android phone or when viewed from your typical FireFox or Chrome browser.  This site also makes use of jQuery and it loads CSS and JavaScript files in parallel with other forms of content – this is not something every site does or can do.  This site represents my in-depth understanding of the following concepts:  Front-End (CSS and JavaScript as well as jQuery in addition to Flash and how to make Flash usable from a mobile device that cannot use Flash), Middle-tier (mastery of the Google App Engine as well as Python and Django in addition to jRuby and jPHP, both of which are being used by this one site) and Back-end (mastery of the LAMP stack through the use of Ubuntu 10.04 and MySQL 5.1 as LAMP is being used by this same site by serving content from a back-end LAMP server through the Google App Engine middle-tier).  This site also demonstrates how Flash can be integrated with Flex although since you cannot determine the type of content being shown when viewing the animated logo sitting at the top of each page by right-clicking on that SWF you can see it is in-fact a SWF with the right-click menu disabled.
  • Sample Games <– Games are easier to code that any other type of application – Physics calculations are handled by some framework that knows how to handle such things, the rest takes care of itself.
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