“Gaming the System” Day 3 – Results

Just to recap, Vyper-SEO™ seeks to automate the process of harvesting traffic from other busy sites through the use of sophisticated programming technqiues such as but not limited to just a bit of programming time.  The ultimate goal of Vyper-SEO™ is to manipulate Google to increase the popularity of certain websites for the purpose of performing Search Engine Optimization for selected websites.

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“Gaming the System” Day 2 – Results

Today is the first day my Python code has been running making changes to a busy website by simulating human activity.

Let’s take a look at the real numbers. (Google Analytics)

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Now “Gaming the System” with Python

Took less than a day to get some Python code up and running to help me conduct my experiment to determine if “Gaming the System” can work over a longer term than 1 day.

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“Gaming the System” successfully improves traffic to a test site…

Recently, as a test more than anything else, I wanted to see what effects might occur if I was to “game the system” at one rather busy site I will not name here for obvious reasons.

My technique was very simple.

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Google-based SEO Secrets Revealed – Vyper-SEO™

SEO for Google is about to enter a new phase with the advent of Vyper-SEO™.

Vyper-SEO™ is a soon to be released SaaS that leverages SEO for Google using a unique method that guarantees to raise the popularity of specific URLs through the use of Analytics and Popularity Metrics.

Vyper-SEO™ will take SEO for Google to new heights.

Stay tuned for more details once Vyper-SEO™ has been released.

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