2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 6,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 11 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Just for fun !!!

So today, just for fun, I had a wild idea !!!

Windows Web Server 2008 hosting IIS 7 running Python 2.7 + Tornado + Django 1.3 doing the same thing I was able to achieve with Ubuntu + Python 2.7 + Django + wsgi + Tornado + nginx !!!

I doubt the Windows performance will match that of Ubuntu however this has been all kinds of fun !!!

See also:  Running Django on Windows (with performance tests) !!!

I was originally interested in doing Django 1.3 with Windows Web Server 2008 and IIS 7 so what I found was pretty darned cool.

Point and click installations for all this stuff was nothing less than amazing !!!  Especially for Windows !!!  WTG Microsoft !!!

What I really want is WebDav so I can share my huge pile of files with myself and only myself via the Internet and WebDav seems to do the trick…  problem is Windows Web Server 2008 doesn’t seem to know how to do WebDav so I have to improvise a bit by making this do the trick as follows:

Tornado does wsgi !!!

Now IIS 7 does Tornado !!!

Easy as 1,2,3 !!!

Oh, and this puts me one step closer to having my own Private Cloud in my home !!!




Management 101 – Make Dashboards

Yes, I am a Manager now…  not saying where because I value my job but this is my innovation for Managers everywhere.

Make Dashboards – Upper Managers seem to love Dashboards and this is all I am gonna say about this.

And who ever said I’d have to have an MBA to be successful in Management, anyway ?!?


Simple improvement – 3D Pie Charts !!!  Gotta love Excel !!!


Automatic SEO Optimization –> Test Drive it today !!!!

When Any and All URLs based on the CargoChief.Com domain leads the end-user to the CargoChief site you are free to explore SEO (Search Engine Optimization) simply by using whatever URLs you wish to use such as the following:







Whatever your marketing people might wish to use… you can feel free to be as creative about your message and how your URLs are positioned in whatever search engines you may wish to use…

Yet another useful innovation you may wish to begin using today.

Go ahead and give it a try…  the URL you bookmark will be the SEO-friendly URL rather than the actual end-point even when the actual end-point takes you to the CargoChief Cloud.

Only works with http://www.CargoChief.Com or CargoChief.Com domains.

Never see another 404 page again !!!

Brought to you by Vyper Logix Corp, innovation for the 21st Century ad beyond.

PogoPlug is FASTER than DropBox for my needs !!!

Been using PogoPlug for a while in parallel with DropBox with PogoPlug Agent running on one of my Mac Mini boxes (seems Apple is good for something after-all albeit a bit pricey as compared with the Atom alternatives since Mac Mini’s run pretty cheap).

PogoPlug is FASTER !!

Well FASTER than DropBox anyway…

FASTER than that damned silly NAS I wasted money on last year – it has something like 8 TB but is as slow as molasses even though it is connected to my LAN via 1 Gbps.  Go figure.

PogoPlug Agent is fast enough to be useful when it says I have 14 TB spread between the slow NAS and the Mac Mini that has 6 TB in the form of 3 TB USB 2.0 drives.  Damn Apple for not supporting USB 3.0 !   LOL   But at-least USB 2.0 is FASTER than SATA II NAS !!!  If you can believe that !!!  Or maybe the Mac Mini is just FASTER than whatever OS is running in the SATA II NAS ?!?   Who knows why it is FASTER… I just like FASTER.

PogoPlug Agent is FAST-enough to allow me to go searching for files from Windows 7 while at work with reasonably quick results even when no file indexing was done by me other than whatever PogoPlug is doing for me.

Is PogoPlug Secure ?

Who knows… all I know is if I didn’t build it then it is likely not secure enough for my tastes.

PogoPlug is likely not doing SSH when shipping files to and fro – seems too fast for any kind of encryption but for all I know they use SSL or nothing.

Back to learning more about the PogoPlug while I trust their software is not allowing every one on the planet into my files like DropBox has been known to do.

Needless to say, I am getting closer to ditching DropBox for my most important files… just getting some other things done before I get around to it while giving PogoPlug a spin for a while.


More Android Adventures

Getting some good downloads just from word of mouth and no advertising while working on the back-end to make sure I won’t have to pay any money to Google for the Google App Engine.

BTW – I now have a slick method for ensuring only 2000 emails per day are sent by aggregating over a 1 week period; all excess emails are shunted to a PHP Script running on a low-cost resource I have secured in 5 year intervals (unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space, yeah – one of those…).

See the status:

Android Development Project #1 – Game Tube

Game Tube is a new Android App for Android 2.2+ and Adobe AIR 2.5+

Game Tube 1.0

Game Tube 1.0 will allow people to view certain selected Gaming Sessions for entertainment purposes only.

New Gaming Sessions will be added on a regular basis.

Game Tube 2.0

Game Tube 2.0 will allow users to “upload” their gaming videos via You Tube as a way to share their Brag Clips with other users of Game Tube 2.0.   People will have the option of installing a Desktop Version of Game Tube 2.0 to their Windows/Mac/Linux Desktop to Administer their Game Tube Brag Clips;  there may be some support in the Android version for this also.

Game Tube 3.0

Game Tube 3.0 will allow users to build their own Social Networks of friends and others they wish to share their videos with.  There may be a FaceBook App that interfaces with Game Tube 3.0 to allow users to share their Brag Clips via FaceBook.  Support for Twitter and other Social Networks may be added depending on user support and user requests.

Stay Tuned for the ride !

Check back here for additional details whenever they become available.

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