Simple Message Bus

The Simple Message Bus exists to resolve the problems one might encounter in building and deploying a complex system distributed among many Virtual Machines (aka. Cloud) where individual VMs may be online or offline at various times.  In this model, whenever one is using a REST Web Service Architecture one may find a target web service offline, for instance, and when this happens communications breaks down.

The Simple Message Bus provides a layer of persistence, for Windows-based applications in which the messages are stored locally in a directory until delivered to a remote computer where messages are once again stored persistently until consumed.

You can get the source code from here.

You can clone and modify to meet your specific needs such as making it work with Linux.


Simple Message Bus

Decorated multi-threaded static methods

Decorated multi-threaded static methods


Cloud Security

Secure your Virtual Machines in the cloud by doing the following:

  1. Reduce your open ports to as few as possible.
  2. Do NOT allow any process serving as a TCP/IP listener to run as root.
  3. Change your SSH port from 22 to something other than 22.
    1. Change this every day if you are paranoid.
    2. Change this every hour if your are crazy paranoid.
  4. Use only Public Key Encryption for SSH access.
    1. Change your Public Keys every day if you are paranoid.
    2. Change your Public Keys every hour if you are crazy paranoid.
    3. Use only 2048 bit keys whether paranoid or not.
  5. Deny root level access for all users other than via the console and ensure the console requires physical access in a secure building.
    1. Deny root level access completely if paranoid.
  6. Encrypt your disks – this keeps those who may steal your VM Image from being able to use it.

Hackers will exploit those details you have neglected !!!

Leave too many ports open with root level access and YOU will be hacked !!!

Make things too convenient for your own use and YOU will be hacked !!!

Remain ignorant of how hackers work and YOU will be hacked !!!

Be lazy and stupid and YOU will be hacked !!!




Yeah, I do Bash Shell Scripts !!!

Yeah, I do Bash Shell Scripts !!! 

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