Can we stop Credit Card Fraud Forever Now Please ?!?

Simplest and most effective way to stop credit card fraud dead in its tracks would be to…

Make every Credit/Debit Card Holder buy a cheap ($9.95) security dongle that issues a 6 digit number – Corporations use these to secure their networks and this works !!!  Security dongle make a Bluetooth connection with your Credit/Debit card (obviously must be some kind of smart card…) which means any time your security dongle is not within 30 feet of your Credit/Debit Card your bank cancels your card for you automatically along with your security dongle and they reissue both as a paired set.  This allows the Security Dongle to automatically issue the 6 digit number for you when making a purchase at a merchant (gotta make sure the data is encrypted however – banks really suck at using encryption for this purpose…).

Every time you want to use your Credit/Debit Card you have to press a button on your security dongle to get a new 6 digit code that you enter when making a purchase.

Even if someone does manage to get your credit card number and zip code they won’t have your security dongle unless they steal it from you.

Done – no more credit card fraud !!!

Very little cost to banks other than development of a smart card and Bluetooth security dongle.  Banks could even use your Android of iOS smart phones in-place of a smart credit/debit card but then this has always been an option for the last 3-4 years.

Why banks don’t go this route is the amazingly stupid thing in my humble mind but then I am just the boob whose credit/debit card was recently hijacked which I don’t mind saying is what got me thinking about this problem in the first place.  I really seriously doubt anyone would ever both trying to hijack anyone’s credit/debit cards once this level of security was in-place and widely used.

Dual-Key or Public-Private key security has been around for many years.  It would not be difficult to create a very secure system at very little cost using Android/iOS Smart Phones with the ability for the customer to recreate a new Key-pair before or after each purchase in a safe and secure manner such that credit/debit card fraud could be eliminated completely.

Oh yeah, if Smart Phones could be used in-place of credit/debit cards I as a customer would be able to limit who can use my card to only those who fall within a very small geographic area simply by geotagging purchases, but again this just makes perfect sense.

Just my 2 cents now that I have to visit my local banking branch just to get the ability to use my own money now that my credit/debit card was cancelled and is in the process of being replaced for me simply because my stupid bank was too lazy or too stupid to figure-out how to ensure my money is as safe as it would be were it sitting in my own mattress at home.

Rant ends.

P.S. You all can thank me later when your credit/debit cards can also never be hijacked again !!!

Letter to Google…

My greatest interests are with Python (5+ yrs spread over the last 10+ yrs) and Android (2+ yrs) and whenever I can do both at the same time (and believe me I have tracked down the tools for doing this) I am right there doing what I can.

…Universal World-Wide Geotagging is my current pet project with a keen eye on making it easy for poor slow Hadoop to retrieve data elements for any region or area of interest driven by Google Maps, of course.  I would want to replace Hadoop with pyTables Pro but then I think Bid Data is all about performance rather than not and for some odd reason Python seems to blow right past whatever Java thinks it can do, in my experience.

I think I can Geotag anything using nothing more than 16 bytes (more or less) of metadata all the while never needing to do any complex computations (Haversine) when retrieving data; driven by whatever area or region a user may be viewing via Google Maps.  This plus a couple well-placed indexes and users can view heat maps in real-time, updated whenever the Map changes in any way.

I am, of course, a huge fan of the Google App Engine and I enjoy using it to the extent possible and then some – these days I am lifting the limits one at a time just to see if I can.  The most recent GAE Limit I lifted was the outgoing GMail limit – now I can easily send more than 2000 emails a day without having to enable billing.

I think I would enjoy the opportunity to build a Cloud based on Stackless Python along with some other nifty Python Tools I have been collecting over the past 5+ years.  Stackless Python + pyTables + Psyco + Cython + Parallel Python  + Some_Work = Cloud with some cool capabilities others have not yet touched on.  I would love to see what happens once people are able to turn persistent Tasklets loose in an Elastic Cloud with distributed data and distributed processing.  In the meantime, I am enjoying what I can do with GAE.


World-Wide Universal Geotagging !!!

Geotagging is a method of tagging data (images, videos, music or just plain old data) with metadata sufficient to allow the tagged data to be located based on GPS Coords (Lat,Lng).

I am presently working on a Universal Method for Geotagging Data in such a manner so as to allow tagged data to be found based on a Region, any arbitrary Region, such as one that has been defined by the ViewPort for Google Maps (for instance) or any other arbitrary location defined by a GPS Coord (Lat,Lng).

My Universal Geotagging Method, for lack of a better name for it – I tend to call things what they are, this may be a character flaw for me but it seems to work for me well enough…, allows me to locate whatever has been tagged based on the Region the user has interest in.  A Region can be thought of as a ViewPort for Google Maps such as any Viewable area on any world map.

Once I have completed my work I intend to use it to catalog every single molecule in the known universe beginning with Earth.  LOL.

Actually I am doing this for one of my clients who seems to have a keen interest in knowing how to handle this sort of thing for their rather huge Hadoop data stashes.  Needless to say, the method I am using does not use Java because as we all know – Java is just not the fasted kid on the block even though all those benchmarks seem to want to tell us Java is supposed to be really darned fast – NOT IN REAL LIFE !!!

Obviously I was told Python is being used to massage their data before it gets into Hadoop…  and I am ROFL at knowing this to no end.  You should see what I can do with Python once I set my sights on making all that data fly into Hadoop with my Universal Geotagging Method applied to every single data element that has a GPS Coord (Lat,Lng).

Gotta get back to work now.  Man, I am really having fun now !!!

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