Total Domination Nuclear Strategy Survival Guide Redux

Here’s an update on a popular Flash game I have been hanging-out in for several months…

By now I have almost played through the whole Tech Tree, just missing the last 2-3 items a player can get from this game.

So far my base has been attacked less times than I can count, it’s that infrequent.

I owe all my success to the following Guide.

Total Domination Nuclear Strategy Survival Guide #1

All I can say is my strategy is working perfectly.

Enjoy !!!

And now for some digital nirvana ;-)

Dig this… 16 YouTube Videos all playing from the same SWF… digital nirvana !!!

digital nirvana

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, I was asked to fix a rather nagging performance issue that involves playing more than 4 videos using a SWF-based streaming video player… well my first impression was to reduce the number of SWFs to just 1 while increasing the number of videos being displayed to something closer to 16 !!!

While I was not told doing this would be “difficult” or otherwise “challenging”… I was met with a certain amount of healthy skepticism and not only because the development team I relayed my solution to was not all that informed as to what the Flash Player might be able to do – they also were not all that informed as to what the Flash Player might be able to do in this regard.

So far, I can tell you all there is no real trick in playing 16 YouTube videos using the same SWF via a Browser – this works !!!   Now I think I will try to update the video player to use something a bit slicker than the standard-run-of-the-mill Chromeless YouTube Video Player…

Gee, I wonder what else I might make this little ditty do… ?!?  Maybe deploy itself to the Android Market ?!?  Oh, yes, this would be far too easy !!!  Try doing this with Java – I dare you !!! – LOL

Enjoy !!!

Here’s what you won’t find coded using HTML 5 !!!!

HTML 5 ?!?  Huh ?!?

Here are 2 rather fun games that don’t use HTML 5 but do use Flash !!!



Galaxy Online II

Both of these games are fun and both make heavy use of Flash; both of these games will NEVER be coded using HTML 5 without Flash !!!

Why ???

Because HTML 5 without Flash is just too darned easy to hack !!! (See also: The End of JavaScript for the details…)

Heck, Flash is easy enough to hack but HTML 5 is just crazy easy to Hack… and by “Hack” I mean, I can make the silly thing do whatever I want including but not limited to being able to modify the runtime code being executed by my browser.

Any realtime multiplayer game coded using nothing but HTML 5 and JavaScript would simply be far too easy to hack to the point of making it just too easy for any suitably skilled person able to make this ill-fated HTML 5 game do whatever this suitably skilled person might want it to do including but not limited to making one’s in-game characters have god-like powers with infinite resources.

Flash is far more difficult to hack !!!

You can find tools one can use to hack a currently running Flash video game however – nobody gets to change the code without being forced to jump through some rather intense technical hoops and Flash-based SWFs can be obfuscated and encrypted where JavaScript cannot – in real terms.

Long Live Flash !!!

Hey, I just cannot be an Adobe-hater !!!

I happen to think Flash has more to offer than HTML 5 even though there are those who seem to want Flash to cease to exist… I think Flash is here to stay !!!

I never thought I might ever find a Free-to-Play Flash game I might be tempted to dump real money into and then I bumped into Galaxy Online II and suddenly I began to feel as-though I might be able to take-over the whole Galaxy… now I think Free-To-Play games can be really super cool as well as rather lucrative when they are well done !!!

Enjoy the games !!!


More Android Adventures

Getting some good downloads just from word of mouth and no advertising while working on the back-end to make sure I won’t have to pay any money to Google for the Google App Engine.

BTW – I now have a slick method for ensuring only 2000 emails per day are sent by aggregating over a 1 week period; all excess emails are shunted to a PHP Script running on a low-cost resource I have secured in 5 year intervals (unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space, yeah – one of those…).

See the status:

Android Development Project #1 – Game Tube

Game Tube is a new Android App for Android 2.2+ and Adobe AIR 2.5+

Game Tube 1.0

Game Tube 1.0 will allow people to view certain selected Gaming Sessions for entertainment purposes only.

New Gaming Sessions will be added on a regular basis.

Game Tube 2.0

Game Tube 2.0 will allow users to “upload” their gaming videos via You Tube as a way to share their Brag Clips with other users of Game Tube 2.0.   People will have the option of installing a Desktop Version of Game Tube 2.0 to their Windows/Mac/Linux Desktop to Administer their Game Tube Brag Clips;  there may be some support in the Android version for this also.

Game Tube 3.0

Game Tube 3.0 will allow users to build their own Social Networks of friends and others they wish to share their videos with.  There may be a FaceBook App that interfaces with Game Tube 3.0 to allow users to share their Brag Clips via FaceBook.  Support for Twitter and other Social Networks may be added depending on user support and user requests.

Stay Tuned for the ride !

Check back here for additional details whenever they become available.

Charting Stress Test for Flash and the Google Cloud

This is a story about LitePoint.Com and how they need to hire someone who can resolve their terribly messed-up Flash Builder 4 Code that cannot perform real-time charting of only 5000 data points.

Once upon a time a skilled software engineer went on an interview with the aforementioned company who said they wanted to hire someone who has worked with Charting Apps that chart a bunch of data points, in this case some 5000 every 250 ms.  The skilled programmer told them he could do the work.  They asked what past coding projects could they view as proof of the skill our rugged Hero said he had.  All went well for the first part of the interview until… The two guys who had created their problems had their chance to interview our rugged Hero.  Neither of those guys had any experience to speak of with Flash or Flex (Flash Builder 4 is really Flex).

One of these guys was a C++ programmer and neither knew anything about Object Finalization, as if knowing how to cause objects to be garbage collection is all that big of a deal – which it is not, of course.  Let’s forget the fact that one need not be the least bit concerned about either object finalization nor garbage collection when performing real-time charting of 5000 data points every 250 ms – because none of that is the least bit required.

Let’s also forget the fact that one need not create a bunch of objects to get 5000 data points charted every 250 ms; unless someone tried to build their own charting display objects and they had no clue what they were doing.

Let’s also forget the fact that not only can Flash Builder 4 produce Apps that can chart 5000 data points every 250 ms one can also easily optimize this system to handle far more than just 5000 data points every 250 ms.

Let’s also forget the fact that our two llama C++ guys who caused their own problems were trying to convince their bosses that Flash Player cannot handle charting 5000 data points every 250 ms, as-if the only way to get this done would be to code it in C++.

Let’s also forget the fact that if one really wanted to one could shove C++ code into a Flash App to get the performance up, if one had to do so.  It’s called Alchemy, not that those two Llama’s had any clue about this aspect of Flash anyway.

So now that we have chosen to ignore all the facts we can focus on the solution which by the by only required 12 hours time to build but then this is how a skilled programmer handles such trivial tasks as charting 5000 data points every 250 ms.  This is worth 12 hours because this is a non-issue for Flash Builder 4.

See also: Charting Demo – go ahead and download it.  The published version handles 5000 data points every 250 ms with ease.  The simplest of optimizations could easily boost performance to 20,000 data points every 250 ms with ease.  Additional optimizations would result in 50,000 or more data points charted every 250 ms, also with ease.  Just in case Flash Player might prove too slow one could always achieve this goal using any number of techniques capable of displaying 30 charting updates per second by using some optimization techniques any suitably skilled programmer should be able to manage with ease.

Anyway, Charting Demo took 12 hours to build – time-permitting some additional features may be added such as a slick Dashboard with gauges and dials to show the performance.  It would also be nice to boost the performance as high as possible just to prove this can be done with Flash.

Moral of the story is… if you need to hire someone to fix your problems you might as well hire the guy who says he can get the work done… who knows he might even get it done right away and save you some money OR you can just live with your problems and keep on interviewing until you find Mr. Perfect who may or may not be able to get the job done.  Either way, this is nothing but a trivial problem for those who are suitably skilled – the rest cause the problems without knowing how to fix them.

BTW – The skilled programmer who wanted to fix these problems for that wayward company has also NEVER created a problem he could not fix – hey, I am talking about myself anyway in the 3rd person – this is a story so deal with the literary stuff however you wish… those who create problems they cannot fix should also not piss those off who can fix whatever problems anyone may care to create.

It should be noted Charting Demo was created with a couple Frameworks (Flex and the Google App Engine) that don’t exist anywhere else; Flash Builder 4 for the client and Python/Django 1.1 for the server.  Reusable code make Application Development a breeze – 12 hours is pretty quick for any development effort and this one has some pretty cool features – all those features are 100% reusable.  No reason to spend time reinventing the wheel – unless you are in Corporate America and cannot figure-out how to make your code reusable.

AmazingFacts.Org sells 50,000 units of the Product produced by Ray C Horn !!!

Their development investment was less than $50,000.00 !!!

Not bad for a product that was produced for Windows and Mac in English and Spanish based on a prototype that was produced during the first 30 hours of development !!!

Try as hard as you might you cannot beat this value in any single individual contributor !!!

Way to go Ray !!!

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