Flex, AS3

Flex Builder 3.3 and AS3 (ActionScript 3) Code Samples and other trivia.

This is just a sample – not a complete compendium of all the work I have ever done… I have worked on hundreds of Flex Projects and yes I have all that code sitting around somewhere, I just have not taken the time (many months if not years) to publish it online where you might see it.

You can trust me when I tell you I can and do routinely code complete product prototypes in a week or less but then I also have a killer Flex 4 (Flash Builder 4) project Template with which I can get product prototypes up and running in just a few short hours with minimal effort.

You can catch a glimpse of what I can do when I am working with my own Flex 4 Application Framework via the following link:

PDFXporter Project Diary :: Rapid Project Start-Up :: Day #1

You can see more via the following links:



SalesForce SWF Sample using VisualForce

SalesForce VisualForce and Flash

A bit of Digital Nirvana

Sixteen HD Movie Trailers playing at the same time… Some people like this sort of thing… Especially when the alternative was to use 16 SWF instances to achieve the same goal and doing that results in some performance issues.

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