Apache Ant

This is my First Ant Script – there are some pretty advanced techniques being used in this sample – JavaScript as an Ant Scripting Language, for instance.

Took me absolutely no time to figure-out how ugly Ant syntax can be with all that XML but after I learned I could script my way to health and happiness… well you can see the rest.  Look out fellow Ant coders of the world, I am coding Ant with the best of you having never done it as of earlier today…  Of course I actually began coding Ant back in 2000, I just have not gotten around to publishing any of that stuff until today.  Go figure… ?!?

This is my Apache_Ant_with_Jython sample – it was easy enough to combine Python into Ant since the Ant language (if you can call Ant a language) is pretty lacking in usefulness as a first class programming language.  Fortunately someone had the foresight to enable Python to be used from Ant in addition to JavaScript.

I am pretty sure I could use just about any Java-enabled language from Ant, if I wanted to do so however I think these two examples are enough to show what I can do with Ant.

BTW – Ant is not the only XML-based Non-Procedural Language I have used during my career – ColdFusion is another and I used it for more than 10 years.  Ant was easy enough to master and “yes” I think once I have made Ant do some cool things I have pretty well mastered it – there is nothing I would not be able to do with Ant were I so inclined to use it.  I might even be asked to produce a working EC2 Deployment System using Ant capable of uploading images from Oracle Virtual Box to Amazon EC2 – hey, I was asked to do this using Ant and so I must get back to that project.

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