Android Projects

This pretty much means I do Android !   And with many tool chains to choose from, why not ?!?

Keep in mind, I enjoy sampling all the techniques and tools to determine what works best.  I spent the time doing the research that allows me to deploy Android Apps using all these techniques; sometimes this takes hours and other times this takes a day or two – in all cases I find what I am looking for and then I use it, when applicable.

  1. FirstAndroidApp – not enough for the Android Markets but good enough to talk about here.
    1. You can download and install directly to your Android device by using these directions.  Works the same as using the Amazon Android App Store.  Yup, this means anyone can form their own Android App Store… even me… LOL
  2. ScriptForAndroidTemplate – right from Google but this shows I know how to read and adapt to something new – this one shows how Python can be mixed with Java for Android.
    1. This works for JavaScript (rhino), Perl, Python, Lua and Ruby in addition to others based on the techniques being used.
  3. Python PyGame Sample for Android – built just as-if Python is a first-class language for Android just like Java.  This opens the door for Python to become a real Application Development technology for Android.  Why is this worth talking about ?  Because diversity is the spice of life – if Android was nothing more than Java it would not be worth talking about.
  4. Air App – This is a hybrid Java-AIR App that opens the door for Android developers to have their cake and eat it too.  Why not leverage the power of Adobe AIR for Android without giving-up the best features of Android that may not be available right now via Adobe AIR.  Maybe after Adobe cross-compiles AIR to native for Android this technique may not be required however for now this is not a bad way to go.
  5. Free Starbucks App – Submitted to the Android Market on 05-07-2011 powered by the Google Cloud; includes a built-in License Management System and PayPal eCommerce Support.  This App seeks to give away No Cost Loaded Starbucks Cards to those who Check-In once for each drawing.
  6. All my Android Projects are published under the Vyper Logix Corp banner once they appear in the Google Android Market.

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