TCP/IP Latency Decoupler

The ability to decouple TCP/IP Latency from that which makes a request to that which serves the request results in a huge (2x) improvement in performance.

The first trick…

First you have to be aware of the effects the latency of the requester has on the overall conversation for TCP/IP and how the requester’s latency tends to cause the response to acquire this latency.

Consider the following…

Let’s say I have a bag full of quarters and you have a handful of pennies; I will give you a quarter for every penny you give to me.  This is kind of like what the Web is like, you make a request for some data using a smaller amount of data and the server gives you a larger amount of data than you sent to the server.

Let’s further say, you must first pull a penny from your hand before you can give it to me and I cannot give you a quarter until I get one from you.  My ability to give you a quarter is coupled with you ability to give me a penny, for as long as it takes you to give me a penny that delay or latency is acquired by me and I cannot respond with a quarter until the latency has been acquired.

Traditional Wisdom…

The Traditional Approach, or one of them, is to reduce the time required for the server to respond and this is part of the solution; the other part of the solution involves something far stranger than you might wish to believe however the latency of the requester can also be decoupled from the server’s response.

Your goal…

You can either continue to use traditional wisdom and reduce the time required for your server to respond or wait for Cisco Systems or Google to discover how to Decouple Latency and then you can pay them to do this for you.

My goal…

My goal is to build an online service you can use to Decouple Latency and then hope you figure-out doing so is useful so I can make this service available to you at a lower cost than either Cisco or Google.

Don’t worry…

There is no need for you, the casual reader, to become concerned with How-To decouple latency, the problem has already been solved and rather nicely using a very simple Ancient Egyptian solution for a related problem we consider in the modern age to be too antiquated to fool around with; the problem with using Ancient Solutions for modern problems is that most people think it stupid to do so because those who lived in ancient times were so backward based on our modern-day understanding – the fact is, however, that ancient peoples were far smarter in some respects than we are today and the Egyptians were second-to-none in numerous respects that we cannot begin to understand even in the 21st Century.

The fact that Latency can be Decoupled successfully is more than enough for those of us who have a deep intimate understanding in the inner-workings of TCP/IP.  I will say I have talked about this with many would-be networking experts who should have known what I was talking about but they did not… but that’s okay because most humans who are alive today are completely oblivious to Quantum Mechanics and still their lives are largely governed by this not-so-well-understood mysterious thing.

I don’t have any problems with those who choose to disbelieve what I talk about… this is what makes life interesting to me, being able to discover solutions others cannot seem to understand … I get to watch how events unfold as I wonder just how long the rest of humanity might take to also discover these solutions.  Cloud computing is one of those solutions I discovered but… the rest of humanity seems perfectly content in using the smallest aspect of what cloud computing could be… Google seems to understand some of what cloud computing could be but even Google has not revealed a very deep understanding into what cloud computing could do to reduce the operating cost at Google.  Agile Development is another of those solutions I discovered but nobody I know of talks about how the Agile Method might be used to greatly reduce the cost of software development; I get to be entertained by the fact that I have been using the Agile Method since I began writing software in 1974 and I had no idea back then that I was doing anything other than what was perfectly obvious to me that was also not at-all obvious to everyone else.  Ah, such is life… some of us have to create the Agile Method while others of us simply use it because it is perfectly obvious to us.  You can put me in a room with a pile of computer parts and then watch me build the computer followed by writing the code for that computer or you can watch almost anyone else walk out of that room without even making the attempt to produce software – it is for those of the latter group the Agile Method was crafted because those people, and you know who you are, lack the motivation to produce software unless they are told How-To produce software.

Now get out there an figure-out how-to decouple latency…  I did and my method works… what about the rest of you… ?!?

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