Total Domination Nuclear Strategy Survival Guide #1

Total Domination Nuclear Strategy Survival Guide #1

This is my own perspective on this rather fun game from the viewpoint of a software engineer who has made a living reverse-engineering software from the outside looking in… See also: The Game.

The one part of this game that is weaker than the rest is the combat system for the following reasons:

  • You always know when an attack is coming.
    • You don’t get to know how much force is coming but you know exactly when it is coming.
  • You can easily keep your forces safe from attack.
    • Place troops in-transit from your base (Sector) to that of an Ally or Clan-mate – troops in-transit are immutable while in-transit.
    • Troops can be moved as-required to avoid attack.
    • Move your troops to a different friendly base every day to lessen the chances of being attached with not online.
  • There is no way for an attacker to know where you have moved your troops.
    • Other games have handled this problem however this is not the case with this game.
      • Other games ensure no players can ever remain completely safe for long however it is possible to evade attackers until they find you.


Surprise attacks will come from your neighbors !

Your closest neighbors will give you between 20 mins and 1 hour advance notice before they can attack… All others will give you far more time to act.

Drones, Drones and even more Drones

Build or buy drones.  The more the better.  Use drones in packs of 20 escorted by a Prototype Drone from the Black Market.

Raise your Intelligence Defense Bonus to the highest level possible.

Raise your Sector Defense Bonus to the highest level possible.

Buy Troops from the Black Market

Cannot say this often enough.  If you don’t have sufficient force you cannot Raid to collect income.  He who pays the most becomes stronger than those that don’t.

Weaken your Neighbors !!!

Raid them often and hard.

Build your Clan !!!

The world is filled with those who won’t want to do what this game requires, which is to spend money, but they will be drawn to the game nonetheless.  These are the people who are bulding wealth for you in this game.

Raid them and then offer to let them into your Clan or make them one of your Allies.  Allies cannot raid and they cannot invade.

Play Smart !!!

You don’t have to lose units to those who Raid or Invade.

Units you place in-transit are immutable.

Pick one of your Allies where you can Garrison your troops.

The ideal scenario is to somehow make a member of another Clan one of your Allies… if the attacker is somehow able to figure-out your strategy and your troops are attacked when in the Base of one of your Allies who is in another Clan it will be the 2nd Clan who will defend your troops from Attack.

Place your valuable troops in-transit with less than one hour before the attack.

Game mechanics favor those who are lazy or stupid.

Sending Reinforcements takes about 60 minutes regardless of the destination.

This generally limits the window of opportunity for those who may be smart enough to schedule a coordinated attack against you and all your Clan-mates (unlikely).

Your units will be completely safe !!!

Immutable troops are safe.  Nothing can attack troops that are in-transit.  There are no game mechanics that can reveal where you have Garrisoned your troops.

Garrison your Troops whenever you will be away from the game !!!

Your Ally will feel the love and your troops will enjoy being alive.

Recall your Troops and continue playing the game… at your leisure.

Leave a small force in your Sector to make the enemy feel as though they won the attack against a super-small force – this just might make the person on the other end feel as-though you are not even playing any more and this may be enough to keep that person from making more attempts.

Make as many alts and you can…

Alts are great for making resources for you…

Use them and abuse them, they won’t mind…

Each alt will boost your resource production based on your level of effort.  This is an inherent weakness of Free to Play games like this one, Alts that can be used to feed resources will give you an advantage.

Build Troops right before the attack.

Use your Resources or lose some of them… it’s up to you !!!

Use Crystals to Boost your Builds… gotta spend money to play this game, might as well get over it right away…

There is no requirement to lose Troops in this game !!!

The only people who will lose anything in this game are those who fail to understand how they can avoid losing troops in this game.

Buildings are immutable.

Resources are somewhat protected – Raiders are limited to what they can take.

Invaders get nothing but a raised Invasion Score.

Invaders can be over-thrown when you recall your Troops from where you sent them once you knew there would be an attack.

Let your Enemy give you more information than you give them.  He who commits forces first loses !!!  He who commits forces first becomes weaker !!!

Leverage what your opponent cannot possibly know about your sector !!!   There a ton of information those who attack cannot possibly know about you.  Your Allies being one of the most effective counter-measures you can use.

Have fun !!!  And be safe !!!

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