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Android-based Interactive Multimedia Presentation Builder and Player – Looking for Investors

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Tivo Wireless Networking Optimized

Recently I was tooling around with my Wireless Networking in my home and I happened to notice something interesting in how Wireless Networking can be Optimized for Tivo and other applications.

The beauty of  having Tivo when you have more than one of them comes in the form of being able to Transfer recordings from one Tivo to another.  When HD is being transferred the result can be less than fast unless you take care to Optimize your Tivo Network.

First let’s talk about the less than optimal Tivo Network.

Most people might be tempted to put Tivo on their primary home network along with everything else they are doing.  This is the less than optimal approach for what may be less than obvious reasons.

TCP/IP deals with packets.  Routers tell packets where to go.  Tivo likes to pass a ton of packets around when recordings are being transferred from one Tivo to another.

Build a separate Tivo Network !

This requires the use of a Wireless Router like the Belkin N600 Wireless N+ Router and several (two in my case) Belkin Dual Band Wireless Range Extenders.

  1. N600 connects to the Internet.
  2. Each Belkin Dual Band Wireless Range Extender connects to the N600.
  3. Each Tivo connects to either the N600 or one of the Belkin Dual Band Wireless Range Extenders.
  4. Now you have a separate Tivo Network.

I was able to Transfer 1 hour long NCIS shows recorded in HD pretty darned fast as compared with the other way to network Tivo and then 30 minute HD shows can take hours to transfer.  In fact I was rather surprised I was able to transfer as many 1 hour HD episodes from one Tivo to another using my optimized wireless Tivo network as I was versus the normal way a Tivo network might be deployed.

Performance Test

Able to Transfer 1 hour of HD NCIS in less than 15 minutes !!!  This is using the Tivo Network I have outlined in this article.

This is the way I have been wanting to use my Tivo for a very long time and I happened to hit this purely by serendipity and then only because my house happens to be really well built and wireless access from the outer portions of my home can be a challenge – signal strength falls-off rather quickly just by walking into a different room off center of my home.

The only problem I have with Tivo is that I cannot Transfer content from certain Premium Channels like HBO and SHO but every other HD program is pretty much fair game and doubly so when the same program can be gotten from Netflix or Hulu.

Now I can use one Tivo to record certain programs I might not have space on another Tivo to record so if I had 3 Tivos I would really have one massive Tivo with the ability to record 6 programs at the same time – not exactly up to par with the latest Tivo that has 4 tuners each but good enough for the time being while waiting for the latest Tivo price to fall sufficiently.

HD Tivo Transfers are so FAST !!!

Now my HD Tivo Transfers from the other room via Wireless Networking is so FAST I can begin a transfer and watch at the same time with absolutely no lag at all !

Also I can see the progress bar moving while I am watching the HD Program being transferred.

I call this success !!!

Not bad for a guy who learned how to optimize networks by using them over the years !!!


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