PogoPlug is FASTER than DropBox for my needs !!!

Been using PogoPlug for a while in parallel with DropBox with PogoPlug Agent running on one of my Mac Mini boxes (seems Apple is good for something after-all albeit a bit pricey as compared with the Atom alternatives since Mac Mini’s run pretty cheap).

PogoPlug is FASTER !!

Well FASTER than DropBox anyway…

FASTER than that damned silly NAS I wasted money on last year – it has something like 8 TB but is as slow as molasses even though it is connected to my LAN via 1 Gbps.  Go figure.

PogoPlug Agent is fast enough to be useful when it says I have 14 TB spread between the slow NAS and the Mac Mini that has 6 TB in the form of 3 TB USB 2.0 drives.  Damn Apple for not supporting USB 3.0 !   LOL   But at-least USB 2.0 is FASTER than SATA II NAS !!!  If you can believe that !!!  Or maybe the Mac Mini is just FASTER than whatever OS is running in the SATA II NAS ?!?   Who knows why it is FASTER… I just like FASTER.

PogoPlug Agent is FAST-enough to allow me to go searching for files from Windows 7 while at work with reasonably quick results even when no file indexing was done by me other than whatever PogoPlug is doing for me.

Is PogoPlug Secure ?

Who knows… all I know is if I didn’t build it then it is likely not secure enough for my tastes.

PogoPlug is likely not doing SSH when shipping files to and fro – seems too fast for any kind of encryption but for all I know they use SSL or nothing.

Back to learning more about the PogoPlug while I trust their software is not allowing every one on the planet into my files like DropBox has been known to do.

Needless to say, I am getting closer to ditching DropBox for my most important files… just getting some other things done before I get around to it while giving PogoPlug a spin for a while.



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