Pandora is off my Droid !

I had to completely remove Pandora from my Droid earlier today because…

Pandora has become useless !

Pandora has been doing everything they can to make me pay for their service, I am sure this has been the experience of others too.

Pandora began cutting some songs short – far too many for some kind of random anomaly as-if it was my Droids fault.

Pandora then began playing commercials which I could care less about – commercials are easy enough to ignore.

Pandora then released something new… they chose to completely remove me from my channels.  I had just enough channels so I could always stream music I like to hear but as of this morning I was not able to reach my high prized channels and so I chose to remove Pandora completely.

Pandora has gone from being a must-have Droid App to being useless in just about 1 year.  Last year about this same time I was enjoying Pandora like there was no tomorrow during my 65 miles per day round-trip to/from the office.

This year I have been enjoying Pandora during my 130 mile office round-trip.  Today I will be enjoying my iPod Touch because it seems Apple knows how to play music for me when music is what I want to hear.  Sure I could use my Droid for this but at the moment I am not happy with Pandora so I will be using my iPod Touch until I feel the need to crank my Droid into playing some tunes.

I would personally be happier if I could build my own streaming music server so I could use my Droid to play tunes while on the road but what the heck – maybe Apple should get some kudos for making it pretty easy to use an iPod Touch for playing tunes.

Damn you Pandora !!!  Damn you to hell !!!

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