How can the work I am doing today as a programmer reduce the cost of development tomorrow and who really cares anyway ?!?

If the code I write today is less specific than I might be tempted to make it I can in-fact reduce the cost of my development efforts tomorrow, whenever that tomorrow arrives.

Just like when I am driving my car I am being careful not to crash into anyone or anything because…. wait for it… the cost of driving my car is actually reduced when I do this once tomorrow arrives.

Sadly however very few if any software engineers even know-how to reduce the cost of development and surely not when doing so means someone else gets to get their job done using less effort than they used – what ever happened to team work anyway ?!?

Specific solutions are more easily broken by future decisions…  this is a fact of life for professional software engineers.

Abstract solutions are less easy to break – this too is a fact that is just over the heads of just about every single software engineers currently writing code today.   I can count on one hand using my fingers the number of fellow software engineers who felt a more abstract solution was better than a more specific solution.

More specific solutions are easier to build – “yes” this goes without saying.

More abstract solutions may be less intuitive than the other kind however the more abstract the code can be made the more robust the whole system becomes.

The more specific a solution is the more brittle it is and the less likely that code will be when changes take place.

Why don’t we all place the same value on our ability to craft more abstract solutions ?   Why don’t companies seek to hire the more experienced professionals they can find ?   Why is empire-building so profitable to your average corporate weenie ?   And what is the meaning of life anyway ?!?

As for myself, I will continue to build code I know saves me time and effort tomorrow as I write that code today – the cost is negligible all the way around however the benefits are enormous all the way around.  Doing this allows me to build projects on a personal level your average corporate weenie would not even be able to imagine let alone ever get built unless 5 or more programmers were used…  Trust me when I say, I have worked on teams of 5 or more fellow programmers who got much less accomplished per unit of time than I would have thought reasonable based on my own individual experience… but who am I to say a company should not spend $250,000.00 just to get a drop-down menu on a web page when doing that might have taken me 2 hours one day… on the other hand, if I had millions to play with I might waste most of it by hiring 5 times the number of people I really need otherwise OR if I were simply not well informed as to what is reasonable for one person to accomplish I might hire 6 of them and happily pay more than would have been required otherwise.

Bottom line is, I am able to get more work done faster than others I have worked with and this remains a constant across the board.  This is not vanity or being boastful – this is simply a fact.  Engage me and find-out why… if you dare.

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