This week the VyperBlog focus has been Security !

Security and more Security !

Everything from SSL to defining the platform interface for internal and external links.

Version 0.28

* Added switch/case tag for Django.
* Enhanced security for Secure-Site(tm); provides better protection from hackers and others who use bots.
* Enhanced Browser detection to include Android WebKit browsers as one of the supported browsers.
* Added support for SSL for all User Management Forms using Secure SSL Cross-Domain AJAX.
* Right-Click menu has been disabled for added security from hackers and crackers.
* Added support for Google Webmaster Tools via sitemap.xml. (SEO friendly links !)
* Added prettier error messages that are all dressed-up.
* Cleaned-up 404 processing to always slide users back into the site rather than some kind of useless 404 message.
* Added logging of invalid usage to capture IP addresses for later use as part of a DDoS protection layer.

VyperBlog now handles SSL in a graceful manner.

Google supports SSL for the domain and they say they are working on SSL support for custom domains however that feature is still in the works.   For now all SSL requests flow through the domain.

VyperBlog now provides a sitemap.xml file.

This allows your VyperBlog sites to interface with the Google WebMaster Tools.
A future release of VyperBlog will allow content to flow into the sitemap.xml from external sources like RSS feeds however for now the sitemap.xml file is populated with content from the local Blog database.
The sitemap.xml file is populated with SEO-friendly links to help get your content into Google with better results than not.
VyperBlog now handled 404 errors more gracefully.
All 404 errors result in a view of the primary site rather than some kind of missing page error.  The goal is to get users back into the main site anyway so there is little reason to show people some kind of error message.

Release 0.28 has been more fully debugged.

The Self-Help Kiosk functions have been more fully debugged than the previous releases.

Release 0.28 is also good to go for those who are looking for a release they can dive into and being using.


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