Another Week Another Release ! (VyperBlog turns 1 month !)

Just 3 short weeks after…

It was June 14th 2010 when the first release of VyperBlog™ was completed after just 1 weekend of development using the Agile Method.

The first release’s ZIP file weighed-in at just 8.7 MB !

The most current release’s ZIP file weighs-in at a whopping 14.6 MB !

In just 3 short weeks of development the amount of code has grown by nearly 200% (2 times !).

This is what the Agile Method promises every development effort !

This is what happens when a small team (in this case, one developer) is able to remain focused on a single project for just 3 short weeks.

Short-turn project goals executed by a small dedicated development team equals running code !

Take a look at the ChangeLog !

What you might not see in the ChangeLog is the fact that during the time between version 0.26 and 0.27 there was a ton of JavaScript code refactoring than went on.  All that JavaScript development was designed to allow for future growth and it was 100% successful.

Now VyperBlog™ supports the following list of browsers:

  • FireFox 3.5 and later
  • Chrome 5 and later
  • Opera 10.5 and later
  • Safari 533.x and later
  • WebKit 533.x and later

The one browser that is not supported is MSIE – in-fact VyperBlog™ emits a nice Security Warning for those who are using MSIE telling them to get a more secure browser.  Keep in mind not even jQuery fully supports MSIE and some jQuery and jQuery UI functions will not even work for MSIE.

The VyperBlog™ JavaScript code was beefed-up a bit to allow it to play with MSIE and since the code does run in all the other browsers that same code should run with MSIE and yet MSIE fails to execute some functions correctly.

VyperBlog™ does not support all browsers and it never will however it does support the most popular list of browsers that are known to be more secure than MSIE.  Those who want full MSIE support can download the VyperBlog™ source code and develop the support they require and then submit their changes to the community so everyone can enjoy the full benefits of using MSIE, in case there are any benefits.

What can VyperBlog™ become ?

Already VyperBlog™ is the following:

  • A Universal Site Template for the Google App Engine
  • A Fully Functional Django 1.1 Site Template for the Google App Engine
  • A Secure-Site™
  • A Web 2.0 Blog with tagging and bookmarking support.
  • A FaceBook Application Development Platform.
  • Easy Extensibility for those who develop Django and JavaScript.
  • Security from hackers who use bots.
  • A nice starter project for anyone wanting to do development for the Google App Engine.

What can VyperBlog™ become ?

  • A Wiki that anyone can use – most Wiki products are not user-friendly for your typical business user.
  • A StoreFront with an integrated Shopping Cart using PayPal or Google Checkout.
  • A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that tracks Issues and Change Requests.
  • A FaceBook Platform – this allows users to share their pages with their friends and write on each others walls.
  • A Micro-Blogging Platform – this allows users to share their thoughts using small posts that begin at 140 chars, just like Twitter.
  • Just about anything any suitably skilled developer can imagine using little effort.
  • VyperBlog is not just about Blogging however every business needs a nice slick Blog…

Read More about VyperBlog™ !

You can buy Support directly from Vyper Logix Corp. and it all begins with very little cost.  Obviously if you have the ability to work with the Source Code you are more than welcome to do so, everyone else will want to buy some support and get online faster.

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