10 Reasons for using VyperBlog in the Google Cloud

The top 10 reasons you want to use VyperBlog in the Google App Engine also known as the Google Cloud:

1. Cost – The Google App Engine is FREE of cost until your web presence is getting close to 1 million hits per day or your data requirements exceeds 2 GB of data stored or you are sending more than 2000 emails per day.  All of these limits can be mitigated through careful use of the Google App Engine, more about this later.

2. Ease of use – The Google App Engine is very easy to use.  All you need is a Google Account (https://www.google.com/accounts/) and then an App Engine Account (https://appengine.google.com/) and then a little Open Source product called VyperBlog (http://code.google.com/p/vyperblog/).  VyperBlog may sound like it is just a Blog but it is much more than just a Blog – every business needs a safe and secure way to get their message out and this is being done with a Blog these days but every business needs more than a Blog.  Every business needs a Blog and a StoreFront and a Shopping Cart and User Management with Self-Help for your users and you get all this with VyperBlog including FaceBook Support which can allow you to publish your StoreFront as a FaceBook App.  You can see a VyperBlog Demo at RayCHorn.Com and you can get Support from Vyper Logix Corp. (VyperLogix.Com).  All this makes using the Google App Engine no more difficult than downloading some Free Open Source Code followed by connecting with the folks at Vyper Logix Corp. who will be more than happy to help you achieve your business goals.

3.  Scalability – The Google App Engine is scalable, all you need to do is click the link that says you are willing to pay for this service; this does not mean you will be asked to pay any money until your usage exceeds the limits.  Keep in mind the folks at Vyper Logix Corp. have done the research to help you maximize your use of the Google App Engine; future releases of VyperBlog will include support to help you get the most from your Google App Engine Account.

4. Expandability – Once you sign-up for your Google App Engine Account you will have 10 instances of a Google App Engine Application.  The folks at Vyper Logix Corp. have done the research to help you maximize your use of the Google App Engine; this effectively raises the limits on how many resources you can consume while using the Google App Engine to 10 million hits per day and 10 GB of data and 20000 emails per day.  Your use ofVyperBlog makes all this possible.

5.  Accountability – The Google App Engine provides a lot of feedback as to how many visitors your site is getting in addition to a complete control panel to help you manage your site and how it is being used.

6.  Security – The Google App Engine is protected by SSL while uploading materials and your site can reap the benefits of SSL through the use of VyperBlog.   The folks at Vyper Logix Corp have created a unique method of further protecting your site they call Secure-Site(tm).  Secure-Site is built into VyperBlog.  Secure-Site works to ensure hackers are not able to abuse your site through the use of “bots”; bots are used to do malicious things with certain sites such as automatically filling-in forms and submitting bogus information and the like.  The Google App Engine provides the underlying security for your site to keep hackers from being able to gain access to your materials.  Secure-Site is unique and available only with VyperBlog.  Secure-Site means never having to use Captcha and as we all know, Captcha is very annoying for users.

7.  Safety – Secure-Site and VyperBlog work together to make your site as safe and secure as possible which means you won’t be thinking about hackers and how your site may be abused by others.  You will be able to focus on your business and how you can grow your business.

8.  Google – VyperBlog provides the tools you need to get into and make the most of the Google WebMaster Tools (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home); everything you publish through VyperBlog will automatically be pushed into and be indexed by the Google Search Engine.

9.  RSS – VyperBlog provides all the tools required to publish your materials via RSS.  What is RSS – RSS allows your site visitors to remain on-top of the latest news coming from your Blog.  VyperBlog will automatically publish information from your StoreFront into your RSS feed – you can also run specials via RSS once you are using VyperBlog.

10. Social Networking – VyperBlog keeps you connected to Twitter and FaceBook by automatically publishing selected links from the content being managed by VyperBlog to Twitter and FaceBook.  VyperBlog also supports FaceBook my giving you the means to publish your site as a FaceBook App and as we all know FaceBook can reach many millions of people.  You will want to get in-touch with the folks at Vyper Logix Corp to learn more about how you can reach hundred of millions of people through the use of VyperBlog.

As you can see the Google App Engine is an ideal platform for your business and Vyper Logix Corp can help you achieve your goals through their innovative platform known as VyperBlog.

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VyperBlog gets FaceBook Support !


VyperBlog gets FaceBook Support !

Yeah, that’s right – FaceBook Support !

Last time VyperBlog got full User Management with Self-Help.

This time VyperBlog gets FaceBook Support !

FaceBook Login/Logout Support

If you know how to read the FaceBook API Docs then you already know how to perform a Login/Logout for users who have a FaceBook Account.

If you are like most typical business people who are trying to run their businesses you don’t have the time or the desire to read the FaceBook API Docs and then you will want to use VyperBlog.

Local Development Support for FaceBook Login/Logout

Developing for FaceBook is pretty easy but sometimes you may want to develop locally which means running your server from localhost or  You can do this using VyperBlog.

Develop your FaceBook Apps with VyperBlog

VyperBlog provides an ideal platform for FaceBook App development.  Just plug your code into the /facebook/ folder and away you go !

VyperBlog ships with a sample FaceBook login that works locally or in your Production environment (when deployed in the Google Cloud).

More Features are in the works

VyperBlog is undergoing constant development, adding more features, debugging and refactoring the code along the way.

The next feature will be the About VyperBlog marketing literature to help people figure-out what this amazing Platform is all about.

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Blog in a Weekend Turns 3 !

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