Game Concept to Working WireFrame during a single Weekend !

Now this is Agile Development !

One developer + Game concept = Working WireFrame !

The Game Concept is simple enough.  It is a take-off on a childhood game we would all recognize.

My flair is to take a simple concept and kick it up a notch or two just for fun.

Tic-Tac-Toe is a game we all know and have played.

How many of us have played this game against other people via the Internet ?

How many of us have played this game with a group of people across the Internet ?

Add in a time element that requires each player to lay claim to a Tic-Tac-Toe X or O by drawing lines between dots; take too long and you can lose your X or O.  Lay claim to your X or O fast enough to gain bonus points.

Tic-Tac-Toe is just boring !

We all know how this game ends and it ends the same way every single time – in a draw.

A more interesting Tic-Tac-Toe !

  1. Allow groups of players via the Internet.
  2. Allow people to play against their friends and relatives.
  3. Allow people to play against other players via an Instant Matching Service similar to that used by XBox Live.
  4. Allow people to play using their Android phone or their PC Desktop or from a Web Page or from their XBox or from their Wii.
  5. Allow bonus scoring via a time limit with a penalty for being slow or for taking too much time.
  6. Allow play against the Computer when there is nobody else to play with.
  7. Track leader boards for bragging rights.
  8. Add-in Social Networking by allowing people to publish their scores via FaceBook as well as the Game’s Portal Site.
  9. Publish this game via FaceBook with integration with the FaceBook API.
  10. Add-in some interesting and ever changing back-drops for the game to let people look at something other than a monochrome backdrop.
  11. Drop-in some cool game sounds and a music track.
  12. Add-in some slick animations to keep the game lively.

And rest assured this game will NOT be called Tic-Tac-Toe !

This game may not even resemble that old familiar game once it is online and ready for players but it will rock !

The point of all this is that one person can code a working WireFrame for a game using very little development time when the right tools are used and the Agile Development methodology is being used by someone who knows that it takes to get working code online quickly.

Front-End, Middle-tier and Back-End Development

This project brings together the synergy of front-end development with middle-tier development mixed in with back-end development, just in case anyone is thinking the guy who is developing this game cannot do all the work himself…

Flex, Flash, AS3, Java, Python and Erlang

This is the technology mix for this project with bits and pieces of various client code, middle-tier and back-end code running in each of these languages.

Google App Engine and Ubuntu Linux (LAMP)

This is the platform mix for this project with some bits running in the Google Cloud and other bits running on a LAMP server.


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