App Engine Patch and Django Admin Logins

The App Engine Patch allows Django Developers to use the full-blown Django 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 in the Google App Engine 1.3.1 however coercing the Django Admin to allow a login might not be all that clear to all of us.

It is pretty easy to slide a known user into the appropriate Model for Django to allow the Admin interface to be used.

This is the code you might use to accomplish this goal for your needs, assuming you wanted to use the App Engine Patch with the Django Admin interface as you might wish to do once your code has been uploaded to the Google App Engine.

Find a convenient place to issue the function call above and then login using the standard Django Admin interface and you are in-like-flint.

Break All Barriers with Google App Engine

Google App Engine has a hard limit of 1000 files however… even hard limits can be broken once you know how.

VyperCMS(tm) is being engineered to run on the Google App Engine using some rather interesting techniques, one of which allows more than 1000 files to be stored in an app and this just may allow VyperCMS(tm) to see the light of day once again.

Stay tuned.

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