There’s more to being Agile than the Scrum

Some may wish to feel like their use of the Agile Method ends with the daily Scrum as if conducting a quick Scrum is what being Agile is all about.

The Agile Method is all about the code.

The Agile Method should be concerned with nothing more than getting the code written and tested.

Fast daily Scrums with no real code being written is just not enough.

The Agile Method should empower every member of the team to produce as much code as possible in as short a time as possible and this can only be done when code reuse is being maximized.

Code Reuse empowers the development team to focus on adding code to the shared corporate library in addition to adding code to the project.  Actually code is added to the Project first then analyzed to see what portions can be reused; the reusable code is then pushed into the shared corporate library.  The shared corporate library is used to make it easier for developers to get their work done.  Round and round the process goes until the project is completed.

Code reuse opens the door to code refactoring teams whose job it is to refactor daily code into reusable modules by removing the concrete crap junior developers will want to produce into abstract modules that can be reused by other development efforts.

Form-based CRUD – Automated !

The kinds of code modules that can be made abstract enough to allow code reuse would be modules that handle form based CRUD, for instance.  Form based CRUD should be no more difficult than passing a Model object into a process that renders the Form handles the user interactions and passes data into the database including all that fancy JavaScript based validations end-users want to see.  Is it possible to achieve this level of reuse, “Yes” it is !  In fact any single senior developer who knows JavaScript and DHTML should be able to whip-up the browser side of reusable CRUD within no more than 2-3 days at most.  Server-side CRUD should take no more than another 1-2 days.  After no more than a week every corporation should have a reusable shared library that handles Form based CRUD, for web apps, and should NEVER again be faced with having to ask their developers to do anything more with Form based CRUD other than passing Model objects into the automated process. (The author of this article has done this using Python/Django and it works exceedingly well.)

If your development staff has not yet produced a shared reusable library capable of handling Form based CRUD using completely automated means as described above then you either have the wrong development team staff members OR you are simply using the wrong languages, technologies and techniques.

Python and Django lend themselves to the automation of Form based CRUD so well that any single senior developer can accomplish the desired goal for the whole corporation using minimal effort and no more than a single 5 day work seek.

The very next week after the Form based CRUD has been automated for the whole corporation the Form based CRUD can be expanded to include some bells and whistles for the end-user community in the form of widgets.  Widgets that handle the entry and validation of Dates, Times, SSAN, Phone Numbers and many more data types.

Python and Django can reverse engineer any legacy databases into Model Objects.   Can your current set of languages do this for you ?  If not then you may not be as Agile as you think and your company may be wasting far too much money on your development efforts.

The end-product of being Agile is lowering development cost across the board for the whole corporation.

Why lower development cost ?

When software development cost is lowered more projects get done per unit of time.

Far too often there is NO code reuse within a corporation.  Separate little development teams work in an independent manner each reinventing the wheel over and over and over.  All this churning over the reinvention of basic moving parts such as wheels draws money away from the corporation in a very unproductive manner.

If code reuse was the goal of the Agile Method many more projects could be accomplished per unit of time.  This means the second year 2x more projects would be completed.  The third year another 2x more projects would be completed.

In a world where a single Agile developer can produce nearly 250,000 lines of code per year using Python and Django working only 8 hours a day 5 days a week with no need for overtime the ability to double the number of projects completed every year based on the previous year is not an unreasonable expectation.

Raise Expectations

When expectations are raised and the Agile Method is being maximized and code reuse is being used then the more projects one is expected to complete will drive the Agile Method to produce the means of completing 2x the number of projects based on last year’s productivity.

If one knows twice the number of web projects must be completed next year then one will learn how to leverage the success from the current year for next year’s projects.

Productivity can be increased

For those who produce web based products success can be easily leveraged by producing project templates.

Project Templates

Project Templates begin as completed projects that are fully functional.

A fully functional web based project can easily be made into a reusable project template.

A reusable project template can be morphed into virtually any type of web based project using simple template driven techniques.

This was done by a single senior Python/Django developer during a 6 week period during which time Vyper-CMS(tm) was produced.


Vyper-CMS(tm) is a web based CMS (Content Management System) that allows any type of content to be handled using template driven techniques.

Six weeks for a single developer is not a huge amount of time when the goal is the production of a CMS that can facilitate the development of any web based project using template-drive data-drive techniques.

Feed Vyper-CMS(tm) a template and turn it into a Wiki.

Feed Vyper-CMS(tm) another template and turn it into a Blog.

Feed Vyper-CMS(tm) another template and turn it into any web app you can imagine.

Vyper-CMS(tm) does not require software developers to make it work.

Vyper-CMS(tm) requires nothing more than the most simple text editing skills you can imagine.

Anyone can feed content to Vyper-CMS(tm).

Anyone can develop and deploy complex web apps with Vyper-CMS(tm).

How Agile are you anyway ?

The total cost to produce Vyper-CMS(tm) was no more than what it might cost to have one dedicated senior Python/Django developer working in his home for 6 short weeks.

If YOUR development staff has not given your corporation or company the power to leverage the Agile Method in the same manner as has been discussed in this article then you are simply wasting your time and money.  After only 8 short weeks every single corporation on the planet should have the means of producing inexpensive web apps using non-skilled clerical people with no more need to have any more expensive web developers on staff unless they are engaged in creating enhancements for your own Vyper-CMS(tm).

Get your own copy of Vyper-CMS(tm)

Vyper-CMS(tm) can be licensed by contacting Vyper Logix Corp., you can see a working model online at this same site.

Once you have your own copy of Vyper-CMS(tm) and are able to use inexpensive clerical staff members to produce your web based content you will be free to use your more expensive developers to produce add-ons and enhancements for Vyper-CMS(tm) and this will raise the productivity of your developers in addition to making your Upper Management happier and all this means YOU will be getting a huge promotion very soon.

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