Agile Development on a Bullet-Train

When you have the Agile Development Tools and you know how to leverage the Agile Method you tend to spend a lot of time working on coding projects that are fun to work on.

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There’s more to being Agile than the Scrum

Some may wish to feel like their use of the Agile Method ends with the daily Scrum as if conducting a quick Scrum is what being Agile is all about.

The Agile Method is all about the code.

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Agile Development without writing Unit Tests

Just about every Hiring Manager I have ever interviewed with has had people on staff who felt Unit Testing was required.

What if Unit Testing is not required for Agile Development ?

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Why are so many who seem to practice the Agile Method not being more effective ?!?

The Agile Method seeks to produce working code quickly.

Why not simply begin every single project with a library of reusable modules ?!?

This is such a simple problem.

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Agile Method Produces 442,255 lines of code in 24 months

Write enough software over the years and soon or later you will begin to notice one undeniable fact.

Code Reuse Works

Code Reuse simply works !

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