Looking for investors… Get-in on the ground floor !

I will be using the following domains for my up and coming FREE Web Site Builder:


People just love getting something for FREE.

I just added a slick page peel banner advertising system to my FREE Web Site Builder – this means I will be selling advertising space among other things.

I also just decided I will be adding a FREE Turn-Key Business I am calling “Legal Loan Mods” that will allow anyone who wants to have their own turn-key business get one for FREE.

People just love getting things for FREE.

FREE User Management…

FREE eCommerce driven Shopping Cart…

FREE Store Front with a slick RIA Shopping Experience.

FREE Turn-Key Loan Mods Business…

FREE Turn-Key Credit Repair Business…

More FREE Turn-Key Businesses coming online each month.

FREE PayPal integration…

FREE Forms Builder with automatic data collection.

FREE Email Blaster Services.

FREE SquirrelMail…

FREE Unlimited Analytics without the Google restrictions (did you know Google even has restrictions ?!?)

FREE Integration with SalesForce… (Did you know I own a domain called SALES4ORCE.COM and as you know I know how to interface whatever I wish with SalesForce.Com…)

Unlimited possibilities for everyone on the planet !

I get to collect all the data and sell it to whomever wishes to offer the most money for all that data.

All this will run on just one of my 6 powerful Linux web servers with ease.  (5 of my 6 Linux servers has 4 GB RAM and 2 TB disk – the 6th is a 3.6 Ghz Intel i7 with 12 GB RAM and 2 TB disk all powered by RHEL 5)  I cannot wait to see what happens when I get around to playing with that 3.6 Ghz Intel i7 I bought for almost nothing !  Linux is so much more powerful than Windows and very easy to use and powerful – did I say Linux was powerful ?!?  Well it is in my hands, I can assure you.

Want in on the ground floor ?!?  Because I have big plans with nothing but time and Linux servers to play with…

I am sure Google got started with less than I am using to get my little slice of the Internet started… and look where Google has gotten themselves to by now.

You can buy-in on the ground floor, if you choose to do so.  Don’t wait too long… I have BIG plans and the ability to make good on my goals at a much lower cost than any of my competitors.  I have access to Fiber-based Internet connectivity and I plan on connecting as many powerful Linux servers to a Fiber-based Ethernet as soon as possible.  For now I have 5 Mbps with access to 20 Mbps without incurring more than a very small cost.

Give this some thought and let me know when you want to get in on the deal of a lifetime.

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