“Gaming the System” successfully improves traffic to a test site…

Recently, as a test more than anything else, I wanted to see what effects might occur if I was to “game the system” at one rather busy site I will not name here for obvious reasons.

My technique was very simple.

At various times during the day I posted a simple action to the site I wanted to “game” to make it look as though something had changed with the item I wished to “game”.

The result was I drove 2x (2 times) the normal traffic to my target site(s) (my goal as to drive more traffic to 3 sites).  For all 3 target sites: Page views went up.  Bouce rates went down or remained even.  Average time spent on site increased or remained even.  Pages per visit increased or remained even.

My intiial conclusions are as follows:

  • Visitor quality remained constant even though those who responded to the “game” were unaware what was being gamed or why.
  • If my goal was to drive revenues based on visitor clicks, I assume I would be successful even though this remains to be tested.
  • My rather simple efforts paid-off by increasing visits to my target sites.
  • If what I am doing can be made to work for one site it might also work when seeking to “game” other more interesting sites such as Google or any large search engine.
  • The results of this experiment may prove useful in other ways such as if someone wanted to simulate busy-ness for a target site to make it look like others are using the site rather than not.  (Adding clicks to a non-busy site might lure people into using the site simply because they feel the site they have stumbled into appears to be busy…)

The next logical step would be to write some code and automate the simple process then let it run for several weeks to see if the results hold constant over a longer period of time.  Assuming this experiement pays-off over several weeks I just may have created yet another valuable service to one sample community of people while at the same time caused the site being gamed to become somewhat less useful to that very same community of people.

I can add value to my “gaming” by using some rather simple and easy to use techniques to cause the people who may be monitoring the site I was “gaming” to remain unaware their site is in fact being manipulated for fun and possible profit.

Once again, Python can be used to run experiments on live people who can simply not become aware what they are seeing is in-fact not real but then this is the real goal of all advertising campaigns – lure people into doing something they might not have done otherwise using means that seem real but in-fact may not be real other than the perception of the desired reality those who crafted the “game” wanted to created and support.

Obviously my long-term success with this experiment lies in my ability to craft some Python code that behaves more like a human or group of humans than anything else but then this is what random number generators are for.  Not difficult code for anyone to write who has some time and some compute power available.

Stay tuned to read about my results as my experimentation unfolds to use more sophisticated methods I can automate through the use of just a bit of easy to code Python.

My goal is to build some value into Vyper-SEO™ by “gaming” the system in a successful manner.

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